Mario Golf World Tour getting DLC season pass

Nintendo has revealed the first ever DLC season pass for one of their first party titles. Mario Golf: World Tour, which releases on Friday, May 2nd, will receive three DLC packs.

Here’s how Nintendo explains it:

The downloadable content for the game will be released in three separate packs: the Mushroom Pack launching on May 2, the Flower Pack launching later in May and the Star Pack launching in June. Each pack includes two new 18-hole courses and a new playable character. Players will receive Toadette with the Mushroom Pack, Nabbit with the Flower Pack and Rosalina with the Star Pack.

Not only is this unprecedented DLC support from Nintendo, its day one DLC for a Nintendo title. Typically Nintendo titles received DLC 3-6 months after release, like New Super Luigi U.

Each DLC pack will cost $5.99 on their own but players can purchase a $14.99 season pass that grants them access to all three packs when they release.

This is a pretty big sign from Nintendo that times are changing. Not only does Mario Golf have a big emphasis on online play, something Nintendo titles didn’t have in the past, but its got day one DLC and a friggin’ season pass. Add into this the release of the free to play Steel Diver: Subwars a few months ago and this is a whole new Nintendo.