EA trashes Wii U via April Fools, Peter Moore apologizes for company

Aprils Fools Day can be pretty fun in the gaming industry. Every year people fall for comical pranks, like how to unlock Sonic in Super Smash Bros Melee. Today though, Electronic Arts took things way too far with uncreative, and childish bashing of Nintendo’s struggling Wii U console via their Frostbite3 Twitter account. They’ve since deleted the tweets but we’ve got what was said in them right here:

Frostbite now runs on the #WiiU since it is the most powerful Gen4 platform, our renderer is now optimized for Mario and Zelda.

— FrostbiteEngine (@FrostbiteEngine) April 1, 2014

Frostbite will power #HalfLife3, coming out summer 2014! #WiiU exclusive.

— FrostbiteEngine (@FrostbiteEngine) April 1, 2014

Good news, we have finally fixed and optimized our ‘netcode’. Uses quantum entanglement for Zero Latency connections. Exclusively on #WiiU.

— FrostbiteEngine (@FrostbiteEngine) April 1, 2014

I can’t believe any EA employee allow this to be posted. Having worked in a PR office before I can tell you that these tweets and social media messages go through a few people, not just one individual. The fact that multiple, well-paid employees who are suppose to act as spokesmen for the company posted these tweets shows that they don’t know how to competently perform their job.

If I was running EA I’d make sure the people responsible for this were disciplined immediately. It isn’t clear what action has been taken but EA’s Peter Moore says this comments were stupid:

Good to see Peter Moore respond rather quickly. This just makes EA’s reputation even worse than it already was. I imagine the employee who posted those tweets will be fired. Not because of the negativity towards Nintendo but for making EA’s image repair job even harder now.