Destiny: All modes put players in groups of 3

It has come to light in a a very long new interview that Bungie’s upcoming shooter, Destiny, will feature 3 player multiplayer squads in every mode. That includes single player and the competitive multiplayer modes.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the online play is 3v3, as Bungie makes it clear that there are multiple groups in competitive matches, just that players are put into groups of 3.

Some fans online are already jumping the gun and assuming this means 3v3 in online matches but every thing Bungie is saying refers to “groups”, implying that there are more than two groups of 3 players in every match. More than likely I imagine we’ll still end up with a large amount of players in competitive matches, possibly 18 or so but the final count hasn’t been confirmed yet.

This is sure to be a bit controversial for shooter fans but I’m willing to let Bungie test this out. If they believe this three person teams system balances the game well then I’ll take their word for it due to their legendary background with the Halo franchise.

This news does however strongly hint at no 4 player split-screen in Destiny. Bungie hasn’t confirmed whether Destiny will feature split screen local multiplayer like the Halo series has for so many years. I’d hope that it would at least support two players locally or have a local multiplayer mode that throws the rules of the 3 person groups policy out the window.