Buy a PS4 for $329 now until Sunday

Still holding out on buying a PS4? Digital Game Portal has a deal for you. Their spring sale just started and from now until April 6th you can buy a PS4 system with 1 year of Playstation Plus for only $349.99.

Yes, that’s a crazy price on the system and a Plus membership. But it doesn’t stop there. They’re also selling the PS4 without that one year of PS+ for $329.99.

Both of these are new systems and come with the $10 PSN credit, month of Music Unlimited and other bonuses early adopters got. This has to be the best deal I’ve seen on buying a PS4 in the US since launch.

Though admittedly, Digital Game Portal is a lesser known online retailer. I don’t have any experience with them personally but I’ve seen them around the web when they have good deals like this and I don’t usually hear anything negative.

A PS4 for as low as $329 is pretty hard to walk away from if you ask me.