Bungie designing Destiny to be ‘compatible with real life’

Speaking in an interview recently Bungie community manager Eric Osbourne revealed that the developer isn’t designing Destiny to be the type of online game that takes over a player’s life.

They want players to play the game for years but to be able to put it down for days or weeks and pick it back up with ease, unlike other popular online games that require a great deal of practice to maintain a certain level of skill.

You don’t have to play every single day, we all have jobs, kids…[Destiny] has to be compatible with real life.

This is a pretty odd statement from a developer making a big AAA shooter for Activision. I suppose its honest though, they know a majority of players will drop the game at some point and want to design it so that its easy for them to get the hang of things after a long lay off.

It’s cool to see Bungie approaching an online game that perspective though I’m sure they’ll be very happy when they hear about 20+ hour Destiny marathon sessions after the game releases this September.