Animal Crossing developers talk about expectations for the series in 10-30 years

Nintendo’s Aya Kyogoku stated in an interview recently her hopes for the Animal Crossing franchise in the future. While it would seem like a no brainer that the franchise would continue for Nintendo with New Leaf selling over 7 million copies, Kyogoku won’t get ahead of herself. Kyogoku said:

It’s hard to say what Animal Crossing is going to look like in 10 years, but I do hope it’s still around and it’s reached out to an even wider range of audience. At the same time, I really hope it stays as franchise that’s both enjoyable to newcomers and people who’ve enjoyed the franchise for all this time.

In addition to this, Animal Crossing series producer Katsuya Eguchi pondered what it would be like to remind young children of what Animal Crossing was when he becomes a senior citizen.

In 20 [or] 30 years, when the users in that time are playing, I would like to say ‘when mom and dad were young, we were playing Animal Crossing, too!’. It would be great if we could say something like that. It might actually turn out that I’m more of a grandpa or grandma, but even then, it’d be great to say ‘back in my day, we used to play like this!

Its safe to say that Animal Crossing is probably one of Nintendo’s biggest franchise. Its below Mario, Pokemon and Zelda but probably more successful than Metroid and others. The staggering sales of Wild World and New Leaf can’t be denied.

I imagine we’ll see at least one Animal Crossing on Wii U in the next year or so.