Ubisoft Montreal didn’t want to reveal Watch Dogs at E3 2012, thought it wasn’t ready

Watch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin says that the team behind the upcoming futuristic crime game didn’t want to reveal the game at E3 2012. Ubisoft Montreal didn’t think the game was ready to be seen by the public but Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot demanded that it be shown.

Here’s Morin’s comments:

They forced us to go at E3 2012. We didn’t know what the hell those new consoles would be, so Watch Dogs really has worked on [seventh]-gen systems since the start. But we always pushed the ideas, the design, the core of Watch Dogs in such a way that we felt it would fit well with what we thought would be the future of games. Yves was the one who wanted us to go at that E3, even though we felt it was a bit early, and in the end I think he was right.

It makes a lot of sense to me now that they didn’t even truly know the specs of the PS4/Xbox One when they revealed Watch Dogs. There were so many games revealed in 2012 that were for PC but clearly also aiming at the at the time unannounced consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Of course the long road to completion is almost done for Watch Dogs as it will ship for PC, 360/PS3 and PS4/Xbox One on May 27th.