Retron 5 delayed indefinitely, staff handing out stress balls to disappointed fans UPDATE

UPDATE: Hyperkin released a statement yesterday denying this report. They say that the system is still set for a release next month.

Current rumors regarding a delay in our RetroN 5 release are untrue. We are right on schedule to release in April.

My guess is that the Hyperkin employee wasn’t really enlightened to how things are going and likely made up a bunch of BS about the system not shipping next month. That said, Hyperkin has delayed the Retron 5 multiple times so forgive me if I don’t believe April as a release date right away though I hope they are right.

ORIGINAL STORY: Remember the Retron 5 from Hyperkin? The knock-off console that was going to play NES, SNES, Genesis and GB games all through HDMI and was suppose to release last year? Well it looks like it is delayed yet again.

The Retron 5 was supposed to release in April but some retailers have taken that listing down. Now a fan asked a Hyperkin representative at a local comic-con about what happened to the unit and this happened:

Well great news…you know that rumored April release date? Well its delayed again! I talked to the owner of a local game store today that carries tons of everything hyperkin makes, they were at a local comic con. I asked about retron 5 and she literally just gave me a blue stress ball with the Hyperkin logo and it says “our bad….firmware updates”. Apparentley now the firmware is screwed up. She said they were supposed to give her a demo unit for the con and they never ended up sending it and never returned her calls. She said at this point theres no release date, they have no idea when or if they will fix anything, and they literally told her “just hand out these stress balls to anyone that asks and tell them we dont know when its going to be ready for release”

The user also gave us pictures of the stress ball in question that you see above. Here’s another one verifying the user’s story:


Hopefully Hyperkin gets their stuff in gear because a lot of people want to give the Retron 5 a chance. It may not be perfect but putting the capabilities to play so many classic games into one device is hard to resist.

Personally I can’t wait until companies like Hyperkin start making N64, Saturn, PS1 knock-offs in the next few years.