Suspicious PS4 auction selling system with Killzone for $22

Here’s something very odd that I’m not sure I would suggest trying out yourself unless you’re the daring type. An eBay auction for a PS4 system with Killzone Shadow Fall aims to sell the system for $22 dollars.

Yes, that’s $22 dollars. The system ships from China (I know!) and the listing includes a pretty well put together guide of some of the system’s best features while also featuring some bad PS4 concept art as well as some supposed “pictures” of the PS4 system itself.

Over 30 have been sold in the past hour. I’m pretty sure this will end up being a scam and in a week’s time we’ll see all the big gaming sites like IGN and Kotaku flooded with stories like “I bought a PS4 on eBay and got nothing” so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

This is 99% likely to be a scam folks. But still, its a potential scam to keep an eye on if only because it should provide us some laughter when buyers eventually cry out in the media about not getting the PS4 systems they think they bought.

It’s just $22 after all. How much can you lose by getting shipped a box that contains a photo of a PS4? Or something else? Most importantly this purchase can be made with PayPal so they will refund any money lost if this turns out to be a scam. Its very, very likely to be a blatant scam of course but hey, PayPal’s got you covered!