Major Retailer: Nintendo Direct tomorrow is ‘interesting….’

There’s a Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow and Nintendo fans are getting hyped. Whether that hype pays off or not remains to be seen. In the past certain industry people would retweet or spread the word on an upcoming Nintendo Direct because they had something invested in it. Take for example the wife of Monolith’s Software Director, Soraya Saga, who tweeted last year about watching a particular Nintendo Direct. She had never done that before and then we found out that was because footage from Monolith’s upcoming Wii U game X would be shown.

Now someone else is tweeting and spreading the word about tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. That someone is major UK retailer GAME. They just tweeted about tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct, saying:

First Nintendo Direct of 2014! Coming Directly to you *hand gestures* tomorrow at 10PM! Interesting…

This could ultimately mean nothing at all. But it should be noted that this is the first time any retailer has tweeted or promoted any Nintendo Direct presentation on social networks. Why would Game UK do it out of nowhere?

Perhaps there is a new Wii U bundle coming out. Remember, Amazon is taking pre-orders for a €129.90 8GB Wii U system that will release on February 18th. If Amazon UK was just clearing old stock they wouldn’t be putting the system up for pre-order.

Piece this together folks. If GAME UK is tweeting that tomorrow’s Direct is “interesting” and Amazon UK is taking pre-orders on a cheaper Wii U SKU shipping in about a week, this could mean something. It could also mean nothing but these two moves are almost too coincidental to ignore. Will we see a cheaper, 8GB Wii U SKU during tomorrow’s direct?

Nintendo said they wouldn’t drop the Wii U’s price and if they introduced a cheaper 8GB SKU (or rather, re-introduced) they wouldn’t be going back on their word as this wouldn’t count as a price drop on the 32GB $299 model. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.