Game Informer blasts Wii U for friend codes, doesn’t even know that it doesn’t use them

Here’s something really odd, especially considering how much GameStop must be paying the employees of Game Informer. A recent article they posted citing their issues with things in 2013 they bring up Nintendo’s inferior online service as one of the biggest disappointments last year. That’s debatable but yes, the Wii U isn’t necessarily on par with XBL or PSN. That much I can agree with even if I think its under-rated.

But Game Informer says one of the biggest reasons why they dislike the Wii U’s online is because,….of friend codes! Yes, that thing that the Wii U doesn’t even use at all! How could this possibly slip past a Game Informer editor is beyond me. You’d have to call into question any Wii U coverage they do in the future because of something like this.

Here’s the exact quote incase they remove it:

Whether Nintendo likes it or not, a large contingency enjoy playing online with friends. Unfortunately, the confusing Wii U does little to service this constituency. With no universal friends list, no universal friend chat, and annoying friend codes, Nintendo has dug a deep hole it may not be able to climb out of

This piece on their complaints with the Wii U will be in their latest issue.

I can’t believe they went with that. How out of touch does the writer have to be to make such an awful mistake, something that has been common knowledge since mid-2012? Would they make the same mistake about something for PC, PS4 or Xbox One? I’m not so sure.

Its a laughable, absolutely shameful mistake on Game Informer’s part that sadly got past a lot of people’s desks to get where it ended up. Sorry Game Informer, you’re credibility is in another castle.