Our Console GOTY 2013: Grand Theft Auto V

There have been countless top notch games this year. Choosing which were the best is not an easy task. Whether you were playing on last-gen consoles, PC or next-gen you had a great selection of new releases this year.

Since its the end of the year that means we have the impossible task of putting into words what we believe the best games of 2013 were. Traditional gaming handhelds were filled with a bunch of great titles this year. Picking one single game as our choice for Console GOTY was no easy task.


Grand Theft Auto V hit store shelves on September 17th and set the sales charts on fire. Not only that but its one of the most fleshed out packages in recent memory with a plethora of things to do across Los Santos.

Be it the 40 hour campaign that pits Franklin, Trevor and Michael in a tense working relationship or the super fun but sometimes glitchy GTA Online, there is just so much do with a copy of GTA V. The game forces you to do some very uncomfortable things, such as killing Johnny Klebitz or water boarding an innocent person who simply has some information you need.

Trevor is one of the most memorable characters in recent gaming history, someone who you deeply hated when you first met but by the end of your adventure had charmed you into not ending his life. Franklin, the apprentice to semi-retired crook Michael gets his feet wet as a criminal while Michael tries to piece his family back together.

GTA V is over the top at all times and never apologizes for it, as it shouldn’t. If you expected anything else from Rockstar’s premier action franchise then you thought wrong. GTA V is simply entertaining despite whatever faults it has and provides countless moments that you will be discussing with your friends for years.

Now the Runner-Ups for Console GOTY: Rayman Legends showed us that a little bit of extra time in the oven can make a difference. Ubisoft delivered the best 2D platformer all year with some amazing level design.

Naughty Dog topped previous efforts with an engaging, heart wrenching experience with The Last of Us. It had an amazing story with a well-detailed universe and is truly one of a kind.

Nintendo EAD can’t be left out of this discussion. Super Mario 3D World overcame all the skeptics and we received one of the most tightly designed games in recent memory. The game is simply fun and keeps a smile on your face the entire time you play it. The four player co-op is a welcome addition to the 3D Mario formula as well.

Console GOTY 2013 Runner-Up Summary: Super Mario 3D World, The Last of Us, Rayman Legends