InFamous Second Son ending count confirmed

InFamous Second Son isn’t coming out until March 21st but we now know how many endings the game will have. It doesn’t come as a huge shock but some people would like to avoid spoilers so beware from reading anything below.

In a new interview Sucker Punch says there are only two endings in Second Son.

Translated from interview:

According to developers, there are only 2 endings: Evil ending and Righteous ending. Decisions you made in the game will sway the outcome to either side, but there are only 2 eventual endings.

There is a completely evil story arc ending and a good-guy righteous ending. Decisions made throughout the game will sway you in either direction but there is only two endings to the game.

It isn’t a huge surprise that Second Son basically boils down to a good and bad ending though some fans were hoping for more variation on the InFamous formula, possibly a more neutral ending option. It looks like that just won’t happen with this game.