Michael Pachter: Wii U sold 149k during November

Here’s some potentially very bad news for the Wii U. Industry analyst Michael Pachter has released his estimate for how much the Wii U sold during November, a busy holiday shopping month.

Before I post his prediction for how many units the system sold know that he has been dramatically wrong in the past. Pachter predicted that the Wii U sold 50k during September following the release of Wind Waker HD and the system’s $50 price cut. When NPD data actually came out it proved to have sold nearly 100k during the month. So Patcher was off by 50k, more than double what the result actually was.

Also look into the PS Vita’s November 2012 sales for reference. The Vita has been selling even worse than the Wii U lately and it sold roughly 30k-40k most months in the US during 2012 but got bumped up to 225k during November 2012.

Now, Pachter says that he believes Nintendo sold 149k Wii U systems during November. If he’s true this is truly catastrophic news for Nintendo. No, they’re not going third party and they’re not going to can the Wii U.

Still, 149k during the busiest shopping period for Americans alongside the release of Super Mario 3D World is depressingly bad. The launches of the PS4/Xbox One surely had an effect on this. I personally had hoped the system managed at least 300k-400k during the month. The Wii U sold 425k last November when it launched.

The NPD data for November will come out this Thursday so don’t go too crazy with this information yet. Hopefully the NPD data provides a brighter picture for the Wii U than Pachter does.