Bethesda counting down to ‘Nuclear Winter’ aka Fallout 4

Bethesda’s Survivor 2200 teaser site appears to be counting down to a Fallout 4 reveal. The site is now (at the time of this post) counting to a time 6 days from now. That doesn’t quite line up with the VGX awards but I suppose the game could be shown off in more detail at that event and have a soft-reveal days before.

You can check out Bethesda’s teaser countdown right here. The most interesting thing in this for me is whether they decide to cut off support for Xbox 360/PS3 with this new game and make it next-gen only. I’m hoping for it to be Xbox One/PS4/PC only so that we can get more titles distancing us from this past generation’s hardware.

Bethesda is doing a good job with all these Fallout 4 teasers, what with the Morse code and everything.

We’ll find out soon enough!