Respawn: We’re staying independent, no purchase by EA or anyone else in ‘near future’

Respawn is ramping up to release their big new IP, TitanFall, on 360 and Xbox One next year. Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe recently stated in an interview that despite the developer’s relationship with EA publishing TitanFall, they have no desire as a studio to be purchased by anyone. Right now they want to stay independent.

Yeah, we’re not looking to get bought any time soon. It’s so a part of who we are. I think, if anything, with the history of the studio and what we’re doing, I don’t foresee us being bought any time in the near future.

Obviously the studio came out of the ashes of Infinity Ward and the entire West/Zampella/Activision scandal. It makes sense why they would want to stay independent. They seem to be really enjoying not being told what to do or what to work on.

I could see Respawn making a few sequels to TitanFall before moving onto another new IP. Hopefully they continue to be independent and EA gives them the leash to do so while still having a good relationship with a major third party publisher.