Nintendo: We’re not focusing on making games easier anymore, getting lost is ‘really good’

For the past ten years or so Nintendo had a habit of making their first party games much easier. Wind Waker is a big example of this. As amazing as it is it remains a little bit too easy on a normal play through.

But Nintendo is changing their ways. They’ve found a great balance between making games difficult while still being accessible for casuals like in New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U and other titles.

Eiji Aonuma says Nintendo recognizes that their games were easier for a while and that they’re changing that.

There was a certain period [at Nintendo] where people thought that games should make it easier to progress and go forward. But Miyamoto and I think that’s not the core part of the fun of a game. Sometimes just getting lost in a game can be really good as well. We’d like the game to be [made] in a way that even for hardcore gamers, hints are sometimes available. What’s important is making that selection of options available.

I couldn’t agree with them more. That said, I’m hoping they take this advice and make a more open, exploration heavy 3D Mario a la Sunshine and Mario 64 in the near future. Super Mario 3D World looks amazing but if Super Mario 3D Land is anything to go by it won’t feature nearly as much exploration as past pre-Wii era Mario games.

Nintendo certainly has increased the difficulty level in their games in recent years.