Microsoft now serves up ads when you use Xbox search function on 360

Tired of paying for Xbox Live Gold and still seeing your dashboard flooded with ads? Well you’re not going to want to use the search feature on your Xbox 360 anymore.

At some point, presumably in the past week or so, Microsoft has changed how the Xbox search function works on the 360. Normally you type in a game name and it will show any game related content that is similar to what you’re looking for.

Search “Tiger” for the latest Tiger Woods video game and you’d like get a long list of sports games starring the legendary golfer himself. Now you might find advertisements for Cheetos or Frosted Flakes on your quest for a Tiger Woods game should you type “Tiger” into the search bar on your 360.

The search function has been updated to now include ads. Yes, ads! One of the last few places where you wouldn’t be assaulted with ads on your Xbox 360 has been taken away from you. This isn’t a huge surprise but it is still annoying.