Microsoft announcing Xbox One’s achievement ‘expansion’ soon, will be more ‘creative’

In a recent interview Microsoft’s Phil Spencer hinted that achievements on the Xbox One will be “expanded” upon in terms of evolving from how they work on Xbox 360.

We already know that the Xbox One will have dynamic achievements that can change after time but this mention of an “expansion” to achievements is brand new. Spencer says they will reveal exactly what he means by this later this month.

Yeah, we’ll probably go into that in more detail in the October time-frame, but you will see some I’ll say “expansion” of what Achievements are and I won’t say too much now, but it is an area that Xbox 360 gamers have come to love and it’s something we think putting a bit more creativity into would be a good thing.

I have to come clean and admit that achievements became a pretty big addiction for me this past generation. I loved seeing my gamerscore increase over time though that novelty eventually faded.

Hopefully Microsoft has a few more tricks up their sleeves in regards to how achievements work on Xbox One than what they’ve already shown us.