Battlefield 4 boxart bashes Call of Duty Ghosts

EA isn’t one to back down from a challenge and they’ve got choice words for Activision and Call of Duty. On the back of the retail box for Battlefield 4 this quote can be found:


And EA comes out swinging! This isn’t anything new per say but its kind of amusing to see a major third party publisher do it on their game’s actual box. You’d think if your series is so great it wouldn’t need to insult other popular games in the same genre. But that wouldn’t be nearly as fun now would it?

Rockstar doesn’t put press quotes expressing that GTA V is better than Saint’s Row, Sleeping Dogs, etc. Not that it is or isn’t, just seems a bit silly to act like a single quote like this on the back of a game box is going to make the difference between a customer buying Battlefield or Call of Duty. Then again you never know!