Sega: Sonic audience is ‘clearly’ on Nintendo systems, not Playstation or Xbox

While speaking about Sonic Lost World being a Wii U/3DS exclusive, Sega says that Sonic’s fanbase and audience is on Nintendo platforms. This would explain how Nintendo systems typically receive more games with the blue blur than Xbox/Sony devices. It looks like this trend will continue with Wii U getting more Sonic love than Xbox One/PS4 going forward. Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber had this to say:

If we trace Sonic’s third-party roots all the way back to just after the Dreamcast, we released Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on the GameCube and it did phenomenally well. We think that’s because there was a lot of overlap between the Sonic/Sega and Nintendo crowd at that time, and we just found historically that Sonic performs really, really well on Nintendo platforms. Sonic Colors did great, Sonic and the Black Knight did well and Sonic and Secret Rings did well — all Nintendo. When we look at the numbers, we thought — this is clearly where our audience is

Makes sense to me. This explains why Sonic games usually sell pretty well or best on Nintendo consoles. Even though Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed did so-so last year in terms of sales and with multiple third party Wii U launch titles bombing, Sega ended up having the Wii U version of that game being the most successful.

It looks like Monster Hunter isn’t the only exclusive Nintendo has got in their cards for the near future because it appears Sega prefers bringing Sonic games to their devices too.