Nintendo: Fire Emblem on Wii U would need to sell 700k to justify development

Nintendo released Fire Emblem: Awakening to rave reviews and stellar sales (for the franchise) earlier this year on 3DS. Fans of the game have looked towards a potential Wii U Fire Emblem installment in the hopes of seeing the series jump into HD.

Nintendo is making the cross-over Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei for Wii U and that will release next year. But what about a stand-alone Fire Emblem for their HD console? Nintendo’s Hitoshi Yamagami says the game would have to sell 700k copies (at presumably at $60 price) for the game to make sense.

Awakening needed to sell 250k copies globally for Nintendo to be satisfied and they passed that mark, selling roughly that much in the first two months in America. Estimates put the game at over 900k globally. So do you think a Wii U Fire Emblem could hit 700k sales?

For reference the GameCube FE sold about 540k while the Wii version sold roughly 460k. If Nintendo sold the game for $60 and sold 700k copies it would generate roughly $42 million in revenue. That is without taking out retailer cuts and packaging costs, possibly leaving Nintendo with $30 million or so after expenses. I’d imagine the budget of the game would be lower than $30 million, possibly closer to $15-$20 million.