Respawn: TitanFall ‘couldn’t be made’ without Xbox Cloud, Xbox One version better than PC version

Respawn Entertainment recently said in an interview why the cloud on Xbox One is an important part of TitanFall.

When asked if Xbox One’s cloud computing capabilities would help TitaFall, Respawn developers had this to say:

“You couldn’t make this game without having that kind of dedicated server support.”

Not only that, but since Respawn won’t be using the Xbox cloud on the PC version of TitanFall they say the PC version won’t be as good as Xbox One version. Or at least they hint at that. They said:

“We won’t get all the nice-ities on PCs that you get on Xbox One. There will be some re-engineering things.”

Basically Respawn says that the game will be best on Xbox One because of the cloud. Since the game is an online title it makes sense that they’d use this feature so much since players will need internet to use the game anyway.

I’m sure PC gamers aren’t going to be happy to hear that they will get a lesser version of the game without “the cloud”. I’m sure Respawn could probably just make the PC version run just as well if not better but they don’t sound like they have any interest in doing so.

UPDATE: This isn’t a confirmation of the PC version being “inferior” or “lesser” necessarily but Respawn is outright admitting it will have less “nice-ities”, whatever that means. Take that for what you will. Now we just have to bother Respawn to find out what their definition of “nice” stuff in games are. At face value it sounds like they’re saying the Xbox One version will be better due to these “nice-ities” though without knowing what they are it is hard to say.

Do they mean substantial stuff like better visuals, or something more minor? Dedicated servers or something else? Hopefully something minor. Depending on what these “nice-ities” are there may not be much difference between versions or there could be a substantial difference. Respawn did go out of their way to say that they aren’t going to be using the Xbox cloud servers on the PC version, so maybe they will set up cloud servers for the PC version.

This “can’t be made without cloud” statement that Respawn is using is an odd one because if the PC/360 versions don’t use the cloud then what is so special about it? What we need to know is what these “nice” features are that are only enabled by the cloud and whether Respawn actually plans to use cloud computing on the PC version too. It doesn’t sound like they will right now but that could always change.

TitanFall will debut next year on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. brianc6234

    Enough of this dumb cloud crap. It’s all fake. The PS4 is a lot more powerful. They could make their dumb game on the PS4 without any cloud nonsense. The cloud doesn’t make a console more powerful.

      • Bradley Allan

        Incorrect. Sony has a game cloud where you can download games from, they do not utilize game enhancing cloud computing. At the end of the day, Sony does not have the money or the cloud strength to attempt what MS is doing.

        • ryan dungey

          they said like 1 day ago bradley that the ps4 is capable of cloud computing…heres your proof

        • Krepler

          Actually, they have exactly the cloud strength to attempt what MS is doing, only difference is that it has already been proven through Gaikai and lets not forget OnLive. They were doing it for years before Sony acquired them.

          If Gaikai could “compute” a full blown PC game and run it through your web browser, what sense does it make to say they can’t add whatever other computational streams that a developer wants to their games. All they are doing is running code on the server end and incorporating it to the online aspect of the software.

          The dumbest assumption is people thinking streaming a few bits of code to enhance a game is greater than streaming the whole damn thing. Also, as @facebook-100000966902658:disqus mentions how the cloud adds 3 times the power to the XBOne, that’s another future forecast which they aren’t ready for just yet.

          Better get those fiber optics connections in place around the world for before you’ll see anything like that streaming down the pipeline!

          • Abba Okoro

            Ouch watch it Gaikai isn’t like Windows azure

            Gaikai is manly a streaming platform Windows Azure can do that+ cloud computing and storage

        • xmantaclan

          you xbots are so gullible its sad Sony use gddr5 when Microsoft use old cheap ddr3 you think Sony wouldn’t see this every system Sony has made is way moor advance than any thing Microsoft did the ps3 has blue ray for 8 yrs now Microsoft just catching up Sony can do cloud anytime they even said so look it up the point they made is we don’t need at least not right now the system is powerful enough and cloud has its limits so keep dreaming cloud is going magically give guys better graphics please

          • Andrew schelb

            it sounds advanced but the followthrough makes it inferior. its what happened to ps3. verifiable fact. xbox 360 didn’t run blue ray and their games looked better than ps3’s. and ran better.

          • Andrew schelb

            also our network is far superior to anything sony will ever create. point in fact. look how psn is buckling from the launch. you can say all you want about the numbers of ps4’s but the point is a network shouldnt cripple everytime a launch happens

    • Edonus

      We have had multiple game developers come out saying that the cloud helped with their games. They have used it in different ways and have had nothing but praise. Plenty of people have given breakdowns of how it can and will be used.

      In contrast we had one indie dev that has been gunning for MS that has not developed one thing for it says the cloud is bs and doesn’t even explain why and its taken as law with you fanboys.

      Games have been using cloud computing before now, it’s just that MS has made a system to fully exploit the power of it and built a network around it.

      There is no reason to believe everything said about the cloud working is not 100% true.

      And the Ps4 is not a lot more powerful….that’s what is fake.

      • datdude

        You’re lost. You talk about a subject for which you have absolutely no knowledge of. Yet you look at the specs of the Xbox One and the PS4 and claim that the PS4 is not more powerful. Talk about sticking your head in the sand. Good luck with that. The issue with cloud computing is lag. The abilities of the cloud to help gameplay or visual fidelity is overhyped and exaggerated, and they are doing that because they want to sell folks like you who have no understanding of the subject. It is clear from your comment you know next to nothing about latency or bandwidth issues yet proclaim that if the folks trying to sell you a system say it, it must be true. Several websites have addressed this subject, and several developers and those the industry have questioned the claims quite openly. If you really wanted to educate yourself, read a few articles about it and remove your head from the sand.

        • Bradley Allan

          You’re talking about something YOU have no knowledge of. On paper, yes the PS4 is stronger than the X1, but like he said, not by THAT much. But when it comes to actual real world power, the Xbox just may perform better, its all about optimization. The PS3 was much more powerful than the 360 but it rarely showed in games, usually games ran much worse and looked worse on Sony’s console (Look at Skyrim’s issues). The cloud may only be so powerful right now, but you can’t deny facts. Titanfall devs love it, Insomniac loves it, many devs are saying it is making their game better. And you know the great part about clouds? They get stronger, and stronger, and stronger infinitely. MS has one of the largest and most powerful clouds in the world. As time goes by the X1 will only get stronger. Latency a problem? For now, but even with that the Cloud has its uses.

          • Mark

            “real world power” – Wow that’s amazing!

            “its all about optimization” – “The Last of Us”

          • Abba Okoro

            So the 1,500k servers at Windows Azure….Never mind


          • datdude

            This bradley allen is a moron. He says the PS3 “was much more powerful than the 360 but it rarely showed in games,
            usually games ran much worse and looked worse on Sony’s console (Look at
            Skyrim’s issues)”. This guy has obviously never seen games like The Last of Us, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, MGS4, etc.etc.. He’s still trying to compare multiplatform titles, when the reason these games look similar on 360 and PS3 is due to the fact the PS3 is far more difficult to code for and maximize so multiplat developers make their games work for the lowest common denominator between the two, which is the 360. That has nothing to do with hardware potential. Wake up guy.

        • Edonus

          You clearly stick yo the sony echo chamber so your facts and knowledge is poisoned. The cloud is very versatile, we have tried to explain to your kind a thousand times over that the use of the cloud is not dependent on speed. There are some very far of methods of using the cloud that would depend on speed but we are far from that. Something like the cloud processing graphics itself is far off but that is only one way out of a thousand to use it.

          Remember any processing offloaded to the cloud means more local processing power available so while the cloud wouldnt be directly processing graphics it would benefit the graphics by leaving more processing power for them in the console itself.

          The devs you talk about, none of them has worked with the MS cloud system at all. Everyone that has has had nothing but praise. I understand since it makes the Ps4 a weaker system you have to fight tooth and nail and completely ignore facts. The Ps4 will have nice games too you dont have to be ashamed you like playstation so go ahead and like it. It doesnt have to be the best to be enjoyed.

      • ANON

        Edonus is a SHILL! You post the same shit over and over on multiple sites GTFO and grow up. Your a Xbox fanboy at it’s finest.

    • DarkMaturus

      A lot more powerful? False, jury is still out. No credible gaming source has declared a Winner of the hardware front. Games-wise, Xbox One is winning Most the awards. Check E3 awards, ya, Titanfall was best in show, and won like 10 others

  2. nf56

    Surely now with the drm reversal and no online check-in, meaning the Xbox One is no longer ‘always on’ developers can not make the cloud processing stuff mandatory in games only an add-on.

    • Guhh

      Sadly, this is probably wrong. Xbox One, to my knowledge, is going to allow any developer to require the Cloud.

      Nothing has changed in terms of needing the internet. Any Developer can say, “I want my game to only work online,” and they can make it happen.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Devs can do pretty much whatever the fuck they want. If they say their game requires a constant internet connection, the game requires a constant internet connection. It’s just not mandatory for every game on the console.

  3. Respawn......Not?

    Lol Fanboys at Respawn, They do it because they hate PC. Hahaha They are making an extra efford just to make PC version look bad LOL

  4. benbenkr

    Basically codetalk for buying the xbone version first, PC version when it goes on a huge 75% discount on Steam or GMG.

    Lol inferior my ass.

  5. Peter Quill

    This “Power of the Cloud” crap is getting as bad as Sony’s old “Power of the Cell” nonsense. Face-palm every time someone uses this technical buzzword because it means crap. People should read up on what it is so they aren’t tricked by the new age snake-oil.

    • Osei TheTalent Tyson

      Main difference is the Cloud has a real affect on what capabilities a game has

      • Peter Quill

        Said effect is minimal and when streaming(Gaikai, OnLive), still not as good because of noticeable input lag.

        • Osei TheTalent Tyson

          Ahh so u have a Xbox One and have played its cloud connected games?? Lmao fanboy.

          • Peter Quill

            Please learn what Cloud Gaming actually means. I gave you examples of services that use it that can be tested at this moment(Onlive having some free games to play) but you call me a fanboy for some reason.

            Please take some time out to learn what it is because it seems like Microsoft hooked you with their technical buzzwords, that you as a consumer, have no idea how it actually works. It just makes you seem like a tool to be defending them at this point.

            Check out my game collection to see how much of a Fanboy I am

          • Peter Quill

            Oh look, a retard that has no idea what he linked. go take a .38 caliber aspirin and cure yourself.

            Also, lol at calling me a fanboy when I posted my game list. ggnore you stupid inbred moron. How about you actually learn what Cloud Based gaming is especially after the GTA:V fiasco.

            You should also look up the differences between physical and virtual servers but you won’t because you’re too fucking dumb. Don’t even bother replying you waste of a facial.

          • Peter Quill

            Yes the MP is P2P but everything else like the MP characters, rep, cash, Bawsaq and other social club features are cloud based. R* cloud servers didn’t work at all the first week of the game release and was spotty as fuck the second. On release of MP everything shat the bed but the majority of it was on the cloud servers.

            What this means is that any other games with major releases that run their shit on the cloud will get the same issues and even moreso when the Xbone releases and all the 12yr olds can’t connect online to the authorization servers. This is a major issue for any studio. Looking at the preorders for Titanfall though, they and the 5 other people that buy this crap most likely won’t have as big an issue.

          • DarkMaturus

            Xbox One will have FREE dedicated servers for all, every one, of Xbox One’s games…..due to the cloud!! Still a buzzword? Lol

  6. datdude

    I can’t believe some gamers are gullible enough to fall for this jargon. These guys got paid a boatload by Microsoft to make this game an exclusive, and they have a vested interest in moving Xbox One units into your home. They are desperately trying to sell Xbox One’s so they can get paid on the backs of uneducated gamers who believe such hocus pocus. Any features that may be “enhanced” by the cloud are limited, as latency is the issue for any complex computations. You still need the consoles internals to do the grunt work, . Minor effects can be offloaded, but at the cost of lag. And that is in a perfect world where our internet infrastructure in America is much better than it actually is. This guy is selling a pipe dream. And I do mean a crack pipe.

    • I-pre-ordered-both

      If you had bothered to do any research, or saw any interviews with respawn at E3, they already explained that they are using the cloud to add A.I players to the maps. I’m sure with the grunt of a decent PC they can add similar, just maybe not as many, or as intelligent?

    • Abba Okoro

      WTF LOL

      Ubisoft confirmed this

      MMO’s run of Cloud too, Titanfall is a multiplayer based game GO figure

      Got to windows Azure and see if there lying about ANYTHING

      God damn idiots just spout out ignorance

    • Dre2k14

      You ass hole you act like you helped engineer the cloud or developed a game with it not you nor me or any other person out there knows what the cloud is doing for this game and the xb1 console shut up already

    • DarkMaturus

      Lighting and AI are not latency sensitive and can be off loaded to Xbox’s 300,000 cloud servers. That’s a huge advantage. More of the GPU and CPU can be used now for graphics, worlds, and gameplay. All the awards Titanfall has earned give crediblity to Respawn’s Vision. Legit, as a gamer, I’m excited!

  7. muchacho

    Maybe give the guys at Giantbomb some credit for coaxing this out of the devs on their Podcast

    • gimmegimmekevin

      That’s why the link to the Giantbomb video is embedded in the text “recently said in an interview”.

    • Juan_Carlo

      It’s not.

      All it means is that you have to be connected to the internet to play your game. Developers want that just to prevent piracy. That is their ONLY reason for using cloud as the technology and bandwidth really aren’t there yet to use it for something useful.

      It’s like SIm City a few months ago, which used cloud for completely crap and unnecessary features. And when EA’s servers go down no one can play the game at all.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Do you like the possibility of playing the games you paid for many years after you bought them? Say good bye to that, when the servers are shut down.

  8. ruefrak

    So if this game wouldn’t be possible without the xbox one then why is it coming out for the 360? If the xbox1 is 10x more powerful plus it has the “power of the cloud” how will this game be possible on the 360?

    • owenmin

      Because X1 Live and Xbox 360 Live is built on the same foundation. Soon they will be issuing an update to the 360 to match the One’s dashboard.

      It’s very feasible that since these consoles are basically hosted on the same XBL foundation that they can implement cloud support on the 360. They actaully already offer cloud storage on the 360, so it’s not out of the question.

      That’s why.

      • ruefrak

        So then the additional capabilities the cloud is going to offer will be brought to the 360? Cool idea. And since they said the cloud would help the xb1 get more powerful over time, then the 360 should get more powerful too. Like 10x more powerful. Then the 360 + cloud would be just as powerful as xb1 w/o it.

        • owenmin

          Why not? The PS4 and PSN is no major leap over the PS3, so why should it matter for you? It’s all about the games as Sony says isn’t it?

  9. Axe99

    lol – dedicated servers, on PS2 since the release of SOCOM in 2002, and PC for longer. Dedicated servers are available on _any_ platform and have been since the dawn of online gaming, there’s nothing particularly special about the XBox Cloud in implementing them (you can have dedicated servers on smartphone games). I’m getting tired of Microsoft’s marketing bulldust (surely Respawn aren’t so out of the loop that they’ve only just woken up to something that’s been done in online titles for over a decade), worse than Sony’s at the PS3 launch (which is saying something).

    • Landsharkk

      “there’s nothing particularly special about the XBox Cloud in implementing them”

      Obviously you don’t know shit about what Azure cloud does and what it means for console game developers.

      • Axe99

        I’m not saying that the cloud couldn’t be particularly great, just that there’s nothing stopping any content provider with an internet-connected client device doing the exact same thing. Hell, Sony could pay for Azure cloud services as well (although I suspect they’d use Google’s, Amazon’s or even their own) and get exactly the same result. That’s the point I’m making – cloud services are _independent_ of the client – that’s the whole damn point – so cloud services can never make a client device relatively more powerful.

        As an aside, cloud services also cost money. Microsoft is anything but a charity, and the large third-party publishers even less so – how long do you think EA will keep paying for its servers in the cloud for its single-player games (if it goes down this path)? I’d much prefer something that’d run on the client as intended, that will never stop running, than have a SP game no longer playable because a publisher goes out of business or decides to shut down the servers.

    • Vertoxis

      Still saying that?!?!

      Your precious XB1 cant run more then 5 titans on screen without hitting single digit frames

      PC version won this round

      Oh yeah did i mention release was 3 hours earlier for pc too?

      PC is better then XB1… yeah glad i bought it on PC

      Have fun with your ~20fps and 792p

      Im enjoying my 60fps synced with 1080p …. and no frame drops like shitbox1

  10. commentname

    You stupid piece of trash, are you supposed to be a games journalist, go learn from Patrick Klepek, thank god I have ad block turned on for your shitty site. You said “they say the PC version won’t be as good as Xbox One version” and then say “This isn’t a confirmation of the PC version being ‘inferior’ or ‘lesser'” What the fuck is wrong with you?

  11. Dakan45

    Ok first they said “we didnt have any exlusive platforms, but ms came to us and what thye had made it easy to do what we wanted”

    So OBVIOUSLY the gamew as gonna work on other platforms. Now the pc vesrion will somehow be inferior when they arleady stated it will be a good pc version and not a crappy port? The game runs on a modified source engine, its a pc engine.

    Teh power of da cloudz? Pc gaming had cloud for yeasr now along with dedicated servers.

    pc verson> console verison, no “buts” its the truth.

  12. Bill E Weaver

    Seems like a lot of PS4 fanboys are trying to discard an awesome tech because 1 they don’t understand it, and 2 PS4 doesn’t have it, if PS4 had it they would have had Titanfall as well.. If Sony doesn’t have it it can’t possiblely exist, hahahaa. PS4 lost before they even released. Not one developer for PS4 has mentioned being able to take advantage of this tech, why?, because sony doesn’t have a server farm like google/microsoft does!

    • ryan dungey i suggest you read this before you say they dont have. the reason why sony arent promoting it is because they know a majority of people on earth have no access to the internet so they make games equal for everyone, then for the games that have internet they can access it if needed, but cloud computing right now isnt advanced enough to improve games like microsoft is saying it can handle small things like networking, AI and various cpu tasks. if anything all this cloud computing is going to do is create a stable network for games that always online like titanfall as thats an online only game.


      • Landsharkk

        If sony knows the majority of people don’t have internet access, then why did Sony invest over 300 million into Gaikai just last year, which is an ‘internet required’ service for streaming games, etc? Not only that, using Gaikai requires much more bandwidth than simply 1.5Mbps (which is what Microsoft is shooting for). Gaikai will be closer to 5Mbps (which is what OnLive is right now).

        • ryan dungey

          the thing is online is mandatory for this game its online only no single player no internet not playable, gaikai is optional you dont have to have it. i didnt say a majority either i said a fair amount of people have no internet which is true

  13. John Mumpitz

    Hideo Kojima says the difference in power between PS4/Xbox One ‘is small’

  14. chris9465

    Am willing to bet at least one thing is the amount of players per match…….with cloud computing you could have 50 vs 50 matches or more

  15. Chris z

    Lol. Sony bitch boys always butt hurt about X1 and 360 doing it better then Sony. They must be Japanese or they wouldn’t care do much. X1 and PS4 will both be good. Sony fanboys just can’t admit X1 will rock.

  16. Vertoxis

    3 days after release

    how is that framerate treating you XB1?!?

    Oh yeah… its hammering your precious console into the ground at crappy 792p

    Enjoy your 792p at ~20fps until they patch it (and probably up the resolution while dipping the quality)

    I am enjoying my PC version at 1080p and vsynced 60fps

    PC WINS AGAIN!!!!!!

    not to mention pc released 3 hours earlier (and if you modded the files.. even earlier then that)

    Console will never = PC

    • Vertoxis

      XB1 version is locked at 720p, Respawn is going to patch it because that is possibly the reason (which would be weird but not the first time) that the game is dipping into the single digit frame rates when 5 or more titans are grouped together

      Other then the above problem i hear its smooth as butter on XB1…

      As much as i run around doing the PCMASTERRACE thing, id like the games i play to do well on every platform, it = more money for the dev and (hopefully) more content

      Much better release then half the shit EA has pulled lately

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