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Redbox protesting anti-used game policies on Xbox One and PS4

Redbox has begun protesting (sort of) the possible used game limitations of the Xbox One and PS4. The Xbox One already won’t play used games unless publishers allow it and lending games is a difficult, long process. Even worse, game rentals won’t be allowed at launch.

The rental company has fired back and set up a website asking for gamer’s opinions on a move like this. Redbox says:

Have you heard about what’s coming? Reports say that Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 might have enhanced graphics, enhanced motion control, cloud-based storage, new games and experiences. But you might not be able to play without an Internet connection, lend games freely, buy used games or rent games.

This is a bold, impressive move from Redbox. They didn’t waste anytime. Hopefully Sony doesn’t follow Microsoft’s footsteps and opts out of a similar used game policy. They’ve said the playback of used games will be up to each individual publisher which could prove to be just as bad, or less so.

Credit to Redbox for taking an active role against these anti-used games policies.