Xbox E3 Coverage

Peter Moore: Battlefield 4 during EA conference was running on Xbox One specs

Geoff Keighley asked EA’s Peter Moore if the Battlefield 4 footage shown earlier today at their press conference was running on an Xbox One or a high end PC. Moore confirmed that it was indeed on the Xbox One.

“That was running on specs, on the Xbox One”

That is impressive to say the least. I did see a lot of those 64 players using PC keyboards but many of them were using Xbox One controllers. That said, a lot of people were skeptical of whether it was running on the actual Xbox One console.

It does sound like Moore was saying that they were using PCs with the specs of the Xbox One but with so many other developers taking Xbox One units to do game demos I would wonder why they would need to use PCs to show off Xbox One footage. Either way, if the game was running off Xbox One “specs” then that would be practically the same thing as running off an Xbox One itself. Confusing wording by Moore to say the least.

It remains to be seen if the Xbox One version will support 64 players online, but if it continues to look that good I’m fine with less!