Nintendo: We need to develop games ‘quickly’, we’re ‘too careful’

Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma, director of the Zelda series, had strong words in a recent interview. He spoke about how Nintendo needs to make games quicker than they currently do.

This is a sentiment I think most Wii U owners share as Pikmin 3 and others were delayed from “launch window” to summer or holiday recently. Aonuma says that they need to make games quicker and that is one of their faults.

The way we make games is we’re very careful. We’re very thorough. We’re very detailed. We take a long time analyzing the different parts of a game… almost to our detriment. Almost too careful. I think the need is there for us to make decisions more quickly, weigh the risks [and] see what the payoff is.

I certainly appreciate that Nintendo takes their time with games regardless of financials, release schedules, etc. Miyamoto’s got that stellar quote about a “delay game being bad forever”. That said, Nintendo needs to hire a lot more developers so they can increase their workload and get games out faster.