Kaz Hirai feels ‘positive’ about all the internet memes about him

In a recent interview Sony’s Kaz Hirai addressed how he’s part of some very popular memes on the web. Hirai responded with humility, even seeming to enjoy the trend. Who wouldn’t?

Hirai said:

I think that especially with the Playstation business I used to get that a lot as well, even when I was running Playstation business in the US. Whether it’s Youtube or you know just other websites, and you know obviously the gaming world has a tendancy of really enjoying that. And I’ve come to also look at it from the perspective of you know that’s really creative so I enjoy some of the stuff that folks have done.

I like to think that the visibility that I get is not a visibility of me personally but in fact a representation of the visibility that Sony gets worldwide so I’m more positive about it.

In a position like he is in, you’ve just got to accept that the public will do these things with your image. Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo is known for being fine with his memes too. Hirai has provided us with plenty of comical moments over the years and hopefully he can give us a few more this E3.