Xbox E3 Coverage

GameStop handing out flyers to tell customers about Xbox One’s restrictions

GameStop stores around the US are taking an active role in telling customers about the Xbox One’s many caveats. They’re putting out flyers informing customers about the restrictions of the console like needing to be connected to the internet every 24 hours and others. Multiple reports across the web confirm this news but it does appear like these flyers are a store by store thing Could just be some rogue locations. We’re trying hard to get a picture of this flyer and hope to add it to this post soon. This is rumored to be happening at select GameStop stores throughout the country but not at all yet. It could just be a local thing that a particular manager decided to do on his/her own.

I wouldn’t take this as GameStop standing up against the system. They will likely sell the system and stock it’s games like any other retailer. A move like this is probably an insurance policy so that consumers understand that they will need internet when they pre-order the system so that they don’t have customers come back to cancel those pre-orders if they disagree with Microsoft’s anti-consumer policies.

With a major retailer like GameStop telling customers up front about all the issues with Microsoft’s new console I think the system has a tough uphill battle ahead of it.