Rumor: PS4 to be €399 with 250GB hard drive

Sony India updated their site recently with an interesting listing. By that I mean they listed a 250GB PS4 system for €399.

As you can see in the URL of the error page you get when you visit the site it says “product, playstation 4, 250gb” in the URL. Of course Sony India has already taken this listing down, so we don’t have anymore proof than the URL of that error page. When the page was live it listed the system for 399 euros. I’m not entirely sure why the India site for Sony would list a console in euros exactly.

Now, 399 euros would translate to $513 US dollars. This doesn’t necessarily mean Sony would price the PS4 that high if this price is accurate, there is a good chance they’d simply copy the price point over for America. That means, if this price is true, we could be looking at a $399 PS4 unit at launch.

I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that this is mistake and Sony India meant to list a new PS3 model. Whatever it was, we’re sure to find out more at E3 in a few weeks.