• pyro777

    The jackass faked a police report which is a huge offence. Personally I rather see him beat to death but he better serve no less than 5 years.

    • gimmegimmekevin

       I’m sure if the family could they’d give him a lesson in humility themselves. I would.

      Let’s hope the police catch this douchebag as soon as possible.

    • Killerbyte12

      dude its probley a 14 year old. He will get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again

  • gammerpro

    what the f**k talk about anger issues

  • Jamyyochis

    wel i know that in p.a a fake police report is 6 years min

    • Doug

      You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      It’s a crime, yes.  But how much time, if any, one gets depends on a large number of factors.  According to, the *maximum* jail time is two years.

      • bullshit

        wtf. u don’t get 2 years max for trying to get someone arrested for murder! thats a life sentence in my opinion!

        • Opinionated Opinionator

          in my opinion if u steal a snickers bar you should be shot in the kneecap with a 12 gauge. opinions are silly

          • erik

            dude you are awsome

  • This is way it is very dumb when your playing minecraft on the computor or xbox an people just join your server its like WTF? you just destoyed my mansion that took me like 3 hours to build. he should get 30-life

    • M7md_rofl_xd

       I got someone getting to my server then burning down A house now good for me it wasnt mine cuz mine was underground, got all my deiamonds and burned my frndz house 🙁

  • Honestly?…

    The fact that anyone believes this is pathetic. It would be in the news.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I don’t get it. You don’t believe this happened? It was in the news. The source link goes straight to a News station reporting on this,…

      • I really dont trust King5. Say what you will, but I think they are more about publicity then truth.

        • gimmegimmekevin

          Well if we hear anything about it being proven false we’ll update the story accordingly. When it comes to video game related horror stories like this it isn’t unheard of for the media to leave out key details so we won’t rule that out like you said.

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    That guy…. sickens me…… terribly. The police better see these comments, that would make me soooo happy… Hey! What about i call the police! i can get the english police! because i dont live in america… 🙁

  • geust

    this idiot doesn’t understand that he got kicked off because he was saying mean things to others, he deserves to be locked up in jail for along time for using the 911 number for none emergency reasons and for making a bull shit story up to get the cops to arrest somebody, that just low and immature, grow up and get a life you idiot,

  • Guest

    Any idiot with a webspace is a journalist now apparently. Even if they type like a seventh grader.

    • gimmegimmekevin

      I don’t believe I’ve ever claimed to be a journalist or in any way professional so I’m not sure where you getting that from.

      I’m sorry this post offends you. Wasn’t my intention.

    • And any yahoo with a keyboard and fingers is a critic.

  • Just A Guy/Girl

    This is why i take everybody ip adresses down if they join my server, so if this happens the fucker gets fucked

    • gimmegimmekevin

       I’ve checked into it and I don’t believe this person has been caught yet. Very disappointing.

  • peter

    not cool! what kind of stuck-up bitch sends cops for getting kicked online?

  • Lost Hunter

    Its crap like this that makes me lose faith in humanity…

  • 10thletter

    could you please proofread your work? silly mistakes make your otherwise good story un-readable

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Sorry that I forgot to type “think” and “it” near the beginning of the post.

      Thanks for reading!

  • guest

    That Twat should get 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years
    in jail cause what kind of sick minded freak tells police a girl was shot by her dad cause he got kicked off a server sounds like a small pathetic freak in year 4 who has no friends.

    • TTTtt

      I doubt a 4th 5th grader would know how to call swat and legitimately lie to them.

      • WolvenDragon

        I don’t doubt it. Kids are scary

  • Zytukin

    This is a good article, and I wouldn’t put it past a troll to do something like this, but I am questionable about it happening.

    For starters: “How did this troll accomplish this? Well it’s pretty easy to find out
    someone’s IP address and it’s geographical location nowadays.”
    IP addresses can’t be traced to physical addresses, which the kid would have needed when contacting the police. IPs are only traceable to the location of the ISP’s DHCP and DNS servers the person is going threw, so any tracing will only result in finding a nearby city. The ISP would know the address, but the FBI can’t even get that info without a court order.

    Second etc, With the advanced phone tracing abilities that the 911 system offers, the min you call them they know your exact location and phone number. The name on the phone call alone would have indicated it wasn’t a kid in the bathroom of the house. The TTY system isn’t even widely available yet, so unless the caller had Verizon, he didn’t use TTY.

    The source article said the kid was in Canada and contacted the WA 911 service. 911 systems are regional. When you dial or send a text to 911, it goes to the dispatch center that services your area. You can’t pick up the phone and call the dispatch center for a different location unless you use a non-emergency phone number. So he couldn’t even have dialed 911.

    • All very good points that hadn’t crossed my mind yet. As more information has come out it looks more like this event may have been fabricated in some way, and I’ve really struggled to find any updates on it. If this happened you’ve got to think that the victim divulged some of his location details during his time playing with the troll, because as you said it isn’t that easy to track an IP address. I was mistaken on that one.

    • The More You Know

      For the benefit of future readers since this comment is so old: 2 possibilities I can think of to backtrace the guy who kicked him: google the screenname. If it matches up to a facebook profile or some other identifying information that can be further extrapolated with positive identification, it would be a simple step over to find the guy’s house. If the guy owns the server himself on a special domain, he could have been WHOIS’d as well.

      On the second part: 911 responders are going to respond to the emergency before they go doubting the story, the location of the caller is likely a non-factor in actually getting the SWAT dispatched to the house

      Last bit… it’s not hard to get a phone proxy.

    • WolvenDragon

      The part that somewhat confuses me here is the guy called 911 and said that the gamer’s dad had shot his 14yr old daughter. How did the troll know who the guy’s dad was, enough for the troll to give SWAT team the idea of who to arrest?

  • Tyler

    I’m fairly certain the police would have then gone after the troll for calling in a false report.

  • BlackenedGem

    This is why I have a ip tracker installed on my server
    Doesn’t work very well though, for obvious reasons

  • John Wood

    F’n troller’z. Ya’ll just wasted thousands of tax dollars because you’re being a bitch on a game.

  • Asura vs. Akuma

    LoL wow seriously the person that called the fake 911 call needs to get a life big time and isn’t minecraft for 4 yr olds? cause alot of baby’s play it.

  • Gunho

    would minecraft really make someone troll this hard…god dam son!!!


    i did not play play mine craft but this just too much you sick man sick!!!!

  • Donald K. Punchovich


  • *some time behind bars

  • Warren Plummer

    It didn’t lead to any arrests. it lead to a misunderstanding. You should probably change the article title to avoid any claims of decimation of character. which can actually land you in quite a bit of hot water. 🙂 Just a friendly tip.