Mario Kart 7 Communities

If you’re looking to find gamers to play online in the brand new Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS, you’re in luck.

Various gaming web sites around the world have been posting there Mario Kart 7 communities codes in order to help fans of those sites organize online match ups with fellow gamers in order to avoid any nasty cheaters, or other sordid bad players online.

On this page, we will attempt to collect all the communities codes from around the web. What is a community code? A community code is a code you enter into your copy of Mario Kart 7 that then matches you up with all the people looking for matches from that code. You can limit items, characters, and other things to your liking with communities. The best potential use of this is that if people should start abusing snaking, or cheating through third party devices we will be able to create exclusive communities that will hopefully keep those evil do’ers out of our hair.

We will post our own Gimme Gimmme Games community codes in the near future, and we will be always updating it. Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve got a community you want to share with the web, or if you want to organize a tournament.

Also don’t forget to download the latest update for Mario Kart 7 to play online.

Nintendo Life
150cc — No Items — 04-0673-3404-8527
150cc — Bob-ombs Only — 52-6562-9908-9924
150cc — All Items — 00-2104-5343-9763

IGN, group called IGN PWNS
60-2240-3145-6926 , Community is all items, 150cc Grand Prix

Cubed 3
150cc and All Items: 29-5021-3040-1205

Nintendo 3DS Blog

GoNintendo Cup – 06-8418-8307-8854 – 150cc Grand Prix – All Items
GoNintendo Brawl – 20-6845-6267-3947 – Balloon Battle – All Items


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  • 25-6023-0483-1571that is my community code

  • liljimmy88

    bulletbill 25344606271379
    spinyshell88 37623918175821

  • Nicholas

    My personal community 05-5405-1308-7444

  • mariokarteer7

    my community code is 56-3413-8684-7121

    • hi sijoes the name my mk7 community code is 50-3756-7869-1243 hope you add soon bye

  • Today, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a forty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  • Jacob

    Join: race central 42-0477-3081-9554
    join: gyro only (groy is recommended)

    Please join

  • Jacob Sargent

    Use this page to trade communities

    Join: race central 42-0477-3081-9554
    join: gyro only (groy is recommended)

    Please join

    • M.A.D.

      my comunity code is 48722114467606
      name:BULLET BILLZ

  • Drzillman01

    All-Pro (1* min)
    Mirror Grand Prix
    All Items

    Please have a 1 star rating or better. this is for online players who want to play skilled persons instead of people who cannot evenbeat the game…

  • Hey everybody my name is Phillip aka GameBoy hailing from NYC!! My friend code is 2406-6161-0612 go on and add me I’m always on Mario Kart 7. Also, add my Mario Kart 7 Community Code, its 43-2116-7450-8177, its 150cc Grand Prix with all items, and my community name is the Draggin’Knightz. Hope 2 see yu all there, and happy cruising on Mario Kart 7!!

    P.S. Please have an A rating, or better!! no cheaters or haters, just come online and have a good time!! thats all I ask 4.

  • Yalvarez0415

    hello!mycommunity codes are 17-751108722808
    08516929037742  and my freind code is 180523402737.i want to play with alll of you people im always on mk7!    

    • BrickNo1227

      hi can you add me back on your friends list my name is justin and my friend code is


  • Mike98forlife


    My Community is: Shell Attack

    Community Code: 34-7334-1044-3641

    Balloon Battle, Shells Only

    Please play my Community!!


    plz join my cup with a little help from nintendo ive created a big cup cup its called The 2013 MK7 CUP

    its 150cc and heres the code 31-1814-6257-0573 if u would like to add me as a friend the code is 0173-1373-9022 i will be back on this site put a message saying @ KAM STACTICZ SHOWING UR FRIEND CODE ILL ADD U My name on there is the same as my username but without the z

  • Mii

    Join my communty called Mii Cup
    All items
    Mii’s Only

  • derek

    my 3ds friend code is 542970431599 add me as a friend please

  • king player


  • king player

    I have 3star rank 27-5780-0071-0594

  • Gold

    nintendo Europe 51-3807-1364-6654 for all European racers

  • ihug

    my friend code for Mario kart 7 is 26018932297994

  • Jake

    Please Jöįñ my community! 😀

  • Poké Gal

    Bananas 4 Noobs: 50-6892-2644-6609

  • Please Join this community

    The Mushroom Kingdom’s new sport game!

  • Kevaka

    join and prove your the best by playing the Royal Racers GP Community. Code: 31-4305-9549-4906

  • RafalRib

    The Community for all smash bros fans.
    Smash Bros. Fans—–Balloon Battle, Shells Only——-Help Me Make This Community Grow!!!!

  • Ben

    Boss Driving:

  • Evlo

    Bowser´s Army: 08-0402-0452-2849 (All items)

    D.K Racers: 44-1823-5432-5479 (Only bananas)

  • rommynick678

    Try to win 7. Try to win seven times. CODE: 37-3412-0023-6640 Mirror Grand Prix. All items.

  • Owen Smith


  • Braskx

    Join my community it is 57-7759-2760-4814 Balloon Battle Shells only

  • rach


  • Riky95

    My code community: 18-3352-4315-4708

  • Cinder

    Hiya! I have a community. Here’s its info;
    Name: Mario Galaxy Cup
    150cc Grand Prix
    All items
    Rules: You have to use characters from Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. (For example, Mario, Luigi, Honey Queen, Yoshi, Toad, Wiggler, Bowser, Peach, Koopa, Rosalina)
    Plz play this community no ones played it but it will be fun!

  • Cinder

    Oh, The code for the Mario Galaxy Cup is 46-8881-8234-9572

  • tyf

    join mine mines 04999369402704

  • EJ

    Mirror Racing 29-1284-8866-9441
    (Racing spelled wrong)

  • Gummibar

    50cc Racing
    Rules- You have to be someone whos not hard or Mid. Easy

  • Gummibar

    Rules-You have to be Mid. not easy or hard

  • Gummibar

    Forgot the code

  • Gummibar
  • Gummibar


  • Gummibar

    I invite you to join me

  • Gummibar


    I invite you to join me

  • Gummibar

    Gummibar Fans
    Fire Flower Pow has been deleted

  • Kayti

    Noobies 😉
    For new players and not so good players to learn how the communities works. 🙂

  • Bryson jones

    Super ez 21509231386562. If you are not the best, this is for you.

  • Emerald


  • theawsomeguy6738


  • theawsomeguy6738


  • theawsomeguy6738


  • theawsomeguy6738


  • theawsomeguy6738


  • theawsomeguy6738


  • theawsomeguy6738


  • theawsomeguy6738


  • Z-Mech Gamer

    I found a WWE one!

  • Z-Mech Gamer

    I made one!
    Name: Coin Rush
    Address: 27-0454-4646-2463
    Items: Shells
    Mode: Coin Battle

  • player

    Red Shell cup
    Shells only

  • Condoggiedog

    I have 3 communities
    Shell Attack 67-5641-7044-9995 shells only balloon battle
    Bomb-Omb Special 41-3562-7998-2983 bomb ombs only balloon battle
    Banana Blast 56-2941-7624-8073 Bananas only balloon battle
    mushroom mania 38-3283-2807-7753 mushrooms only balloon battle

    • Condoggiedog

      Please join all of my communities

  • Nicolas Francois

    Name : Balllon battle
    Only balloon battle

  • Carter

    ONLY Gold Tires Community = 22-1105-3320-3881

  • Sharkmouth

    3 of my community
    Feel the peel 1. 60-6106-2194-3225
    The Sharkmouth 2. 07-9584
    Fast shark 3. 45-3634-8531-2954

    • sharkmouth

      Feel the is only Bananas and it’ 50cc
      The Sharkmouth is All items and it’s 150cc
      Fast shark is All items and 150cc

  • Sharkmouth

    New community
    new one
    A big Leaf Breez 1.67-2549-3635-1037

  • McSockMonkies

    Expert Racers
    Mirror Grand Prix
    All Items