Sony looking for beta testers for PS4 5.5 firmware

Sony is now taking signups for beta of the 5.50 system firmware for PlayStation 4.

There are no details on what the 5.5 update will include but last year’s 4.5 update brought USB hard drive support for game installs and data. Fans had been asking for that feature for nearly four years so perhaps 5.5 will have another highly demanded feature.

Sony teased the ability to change your PSN IDs at the PlayStation Experience last month so that would be near the top of the list of expected features.

Hopefully PS4 players also get an activity log since Sony regularly sends out emails showing players how many hours they’ve spent using games/apps but doesn’t let players see this in the OS like Nintendo, Steam and Xbox.

I would expect the beta to start in February and release to the public in late March.