Retro-Bit releasing wireless Dreamcast, Saturn controllers this year

During CES last week, Retro-Bit revealed their new officially licensed Sega accessories. The company announced a partnership with Sega in December to bring out official Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast accessories and boy, they are delivering the goods.

The company will be releasing Bluetooth, wireless controllers for the Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast later this year. They will also be shipping new video cables for each platform. The wireless Saturn and Dreamcast controller are the items that have caught my attention.

There is a fan-made wireless Dreamcast controller that has been available online in limited capacity over the past few years but it would normally cost roughly $150. If this Bluetooth controller is at least half decent, it will be a revelation for retro gamers like myself. Retro-Bit says that these controllers will work on original hardware through a bluetooth adapter that plugs into the normal controller slot.

Since these are officially licensed from Sega it gives me hope they will actually work well. We will have to wait and see.