Wolfenstein II marketing upsets Nazis, Bethesda responds

Bethesda launched a new marketing campaign for Wolfenstein II this week, using the #MakeAmericaNaziFreeAgain and somehow, that’s drawing ire from some groups.

The Wolfenstein franchise has been very much about killing Nazis in gruesome, digital ways since the early 1990’s. So why are people upset? I don’t know why really but apparently they just noticed what Wolfenstein is about. Some have accused the company of tapping into “leftist power fantasies” but ummm, what? They are killing Nazis in the game. You know, those people who murdered several millions Jewish people in WWII.

Bethesda’s Peter Hines doubled down on the anti-Nazi sentiment, saying this:

We don’t feel it’s a reach for us to say Nazis are bad and un-American, and we’re not worried about being on the right side of history here. [In the game] freeing America is the first step to freeing the world. So the idea of #NoMoreNazis in America is, in fact, what the entire game (and franchise) is about. Our campaign leans into that sentiment, and it unfortunately happens to highlight current events in the real world.

I can’t help but agree with Hines. Nazis aren’t worth defending. I’m not sure why this has to be a controversial topic in 2017 but sadly it is.