Sunset Overdrive 2 needs a publisher, Insomniac says

When Insomniac Games promised to make the original Sunset Overdrive exclusive to the Xbox One in 2014 in exchange for funding from Microsoft, the developer got the rights to IP.

Fast forward three years and despite being a very good game that had way too much pressure to improve Xbox One sales in October 2014, no Sunset Overdrive sequel is being worked on.

When asked about a sequel on Twitter today, Insomniac Games responded with this:

we’d love to, we just need to find a publisher!

Earlier this year the company told fans to “ask Microsoft” in regards to more Sunset Overdrive.

Sadly, the humorous Ratchet & Clank meets open world chaos was an under appreciated gem. The humor was a bit heavy handed and the game had its share of problems but nothing Insomniac couldn’t work out.

I suppose the first game didn’t do well enough or put enough eyes on Xbox for Microsoft to fund a sequel. Its good that Insomniac doesn’t need a console maker to fund it but someone needs to!