Nintendo ups Switch sales goals to 14M, system on track to outsell Wii U in single year

Nintendo released some financial data today, reflecting sales for their past fiscal quarter. You can find their quarterly results right here.

They managed to move several more millions of Switch units during the period of July through September, reaching 7.63 million units sold. They are revising their sales goal from 10M units this fiscal year (ending March 31st, 2018) to 14M units. Let’s see if they can manufacture that many units! There is a very real chance that the Switch outsells the Wii U’s entire lifetime sales in just over a single year.

Additionally, they provided details on software sales. Zelda has passed 4.7M copies sold, Mario Kart 8 has hit 4.42M, Splatoon 2 has inked 3.61M copies, 1-2 Switch and ARMS have moved 1.3M copies.

The Nintendo 3DS isn’t a slouch despite its age. Nintendo reached 68.98M units sold since the handheld’s March 2011 release.

If Nintendo can ship enough units, they could easily hit the 10M mark or higher by the end of the holidays.