Nintendo Switch system update adds video capture

Last night, Nintendo issued a major firmware update for Nintendo Switch systems. Firmware 4.0 gives players the ability to record video of their last 30 seconds of gameplay by holding the capture button on the controller.

This feature was promised to release in the fall by Nintendo when the Switch launched in March.

Another major feature that does fall a bit short of what fans really wanted is data transfer. Users can now transfer save data between two Switch systems. The original system will lose the save data in the transfer process, unfortunately, so this isn’t the save backup system fans have been clamoring for. But if you have to swap out your Switch systems for whatever reason, you can now carry your saves over.

The time played in your user profile now tracks game time in hourly increments instead of updating every 5 hours. There are also new user icons for player’s profiles.

This is the biggest update the young Switch system has seen. Of course, we still need the Virtual Console and save backups but its a start.