Never Stop Sneakin’, a parody and tribute to Metal Gear Solid, announced for Switch

The makers of Dust: An Elysian Tail, a fantastic side scroller that we reviewed several years ago, have revealed a brand new Metal Gear Solid inspired game. Its called Never Stop Sneakin’ and it is for the Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Dean Dodrill, we only know this little bit about the game through PR right now:

From the creator of Dust: An Elysian Tail, a brand new vision of sneakin’ arrives on the Nintendo Switch, Holiday 2017! Can you believe it? That madman, Amadeus Guildenstern, just traveled through time and kidnapped all the U.S. Presidents! Infiltrate the enemy base, avoid their patrols, and hack their systems to gain valuable intel. Build your Sneakin’ HQ, and figure out how to stop Guildenstern’s time-traveling scheme!

No word right now on if it will come to other platforms. For the moment, it appears to be a Nintendo Switch only title. Considering how indie games are blowing up on the platform right now it is hard to hold it against them if it is indeed exclusive.

The game’s early 3D, late 90’s look hit me right in the feels. It is clearly a parody of the zany (but fun) Metal Gear Solid in 1998. I love the rough 3D characters, the soundtrack that sounds like a MGS game and Vice President Helicopter,…who is a helicopter. The game is a comical, more light hearted affair than Dust, which was a blast but had its heavy moments in terms of plot.

You’ve got to check out the game’s debut trailer.