Indie games are doing extremely well on Nintendo Switch

Indie games are selling really, really well on Nintendo Switch. Yacht Club games said that the Switch version of Shovel Knight sold more units out of the gate than any other version of the 3 year old title.

Now, the developers of NeuroVoider say the Switch version of their game has already caught up with the lifetime sales of the Steam version in just a single month. For the record, the Steam version has been out for over a year.

A quick look at SteamSpy suggests that NeuroVoider may have sold around 20k on Valve’s PC gaming service. A very important point in this discussion is that even though NeuroVoider is selling very well on Switch, it has not been at the top of the best-selling eShop games list.

Games like Overcooked, Stardew Valley, Golf Story and Axiom Verge have held higher spots on the eShop sales charts and are likely selling even better. Some, like Stardew and Golf Story, are very likely to be above 100k units sold in just a few weeks.

For reference, in two months Nintendo’s indie-turned-first party co-op puzzle game, Snipperclips, had already sold 350k on the eShop alone. The game is getting an expansion in November along with a retail release.

So right now it appears the Switch is a huge platform for indie developers. It really seems like if you’re not on Switch right now, you’re missing out. Major publishers like Activision and EA are missing out, as the response to Bethesda published titles like Wolfenstein II, DOOM and Skyrim has been deafening on Switch.

It looks like Switch could be the best platform for indie games for the time being.