EA is closing Visceral Games

Electronic Arts just announced the sad news that they are closing Visceral Games. The developer was working on Amy Hennig’s (formerly of Naughty Dog) Star Wars game.

Visceral is best known for making Dead Space 1-3 and Battlefield Hardline. They will begin ramping down production and close soon due to “radical changes” in their Star Wars game’s development. This essentially means the Star Wars game they were making will be handed off to a new team. EA has confirmed this Star Wars title has been delayed as a result.

EA Vancouver will assist with development as it moves to another studio. Visceral lasted nearly 20 years, forming in 1998 originally.

I think I speak for all gamers and when I say, god damn EA. This is a big blow to fans of the Dead Space series which emerged in 2008 as one of the best survival horror titles of the generation. Despite the franchise dropping in quality with Dead Space 3 and Visceral being forced to work on Battlefield and more recently Star Wars, fans had hopes that the studio could return to Dead Space or make an original IP again.

Thanks for the memories Visceral!