Microsoft working on making Fable Anniversary playable on Xbox One

One of the countless baffling decisions the Xbox team made earlier this gen will be rectified soon as Phil Spencer confirmed on Twitter yesterday that the Xbox team is working on making the February 2014 Xbox 360 title Fable Anniversary playable on Xbox One.

Fable Anniversary is a 2014 remake of the 2005 original Xbox classic. Released 3 months after the Xbox One shipped, Microsoft did not make the remake a cross-gen title like they did with Forza Horizon 2 that same year. For whatever reason, they decided to fuck over everything Fable and close the franchise’s studio, Lionhead, and pretend the IP didn’t exist for several years.

I’ve personally had Fable Anniversary in my collection for years, waiting for it to become playable on Xbox One via BC. Hopefully that happens soon.