Destiny 2’s ‘Curse of Osiris’ DLC Leaks

An Xbox Live listing for Destiny 2’s first DLC expansion has popped up and we’re going back to Mercury folks.

The listing says that “The Curse of Osiris” will finally introduce players to the much fabled Osiris character. The Lighthouse returns from Destiny 1 but as a new social space and there will be a new patrol zone on Mercury.

This would expand the game’s planet/locale count to 5 total. There will also be new strikes, multiplayer maps and weapons associated with this expansion. No word on a new raid at this moment.

Curse of Osiris seems much meatier than The Dark Below, Destiny 1’s notoriously shallow first expansion in December 2014. We didn’t get a new social space or patrol zone until The Taken King, the original game’s third expansion, so the fact that D2 is getting both of those in its first $20 expansion is promising.

The Infinite Forest part of the DLC’s description indicates to me that we will be getting some sort of Prison of Elders type horde or firefight mode. At least, I hope. Infinite Forest implies randomly generated content to me.

It seems Bungie is trying to correct their mistakes with Destiny 2.