Yooka Laylee ‘Spit N’ Polish’ update finally out on consoles

After announcing the Spit N’ Polish update for Yooka Laylee in June, Playtonic Games finally released this major update to the platformer on PS4 and Xbox One today.

This update, which is two months late, adds new music to the pause menu, adds a new manual camera mode with little assist and increased viewing distance, several camera design improvements like less scripted cameras, improved scrolling through the Totals Menu, a new volume speech option, a new “gibberish” voice sound FX, the ability to speed through dialogue and the ability to skip cutscenes. There are also improvements to the game’s performance.

The Banjo Kazooie inspired platformer by some of the people who made those games in the 90’s was criticized in April for its poor camera and frame rate. This update should fix many of those issues.

Sadly they don’t have any news on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, only saying today that when they are 100% happy with its performance they will let fans know.

I was personally holding off on playing my PS4 copy until this patch released. It came much later than I wanted but at least its here!