SNES Classic pre-orders break GameStop’s website & app

I’ve already posted today about how much of a mess the SNES Classic pre-ordering situation is. You can read a run down of today’s events at this link.

Pre-orders at GameStop stores in the U.S. went live roughly an hour ago before this post. Right now, the GameStop app is broken, returning errors for everything you search. Additionally, the GameStop website is down, likely due to traffic from fans trying to secure one of the few online SNES Classic bundles that the retailer has.

Which by the way, GameStop is selling a $100, $120 and $180 bundle of the SNES Classic, each coming with a variety of items. The $100 bundle comes with an extra controller I believe while the $120 comes with a book about the system and an extra controller.

It isn’t clear what the more expensive bundle comes with because GameStop’s website isn’t online. So if you’re hoping to secure an SNES Classic folks, one of GameStop’s online bundles is likely your last shot.