Overwatch getting traditional Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch

Blizzard will be adding a traditional deathmatch mode to Overwatch in the game’s arcade mode section in the near future.

This free for all pits 8 players against each other, with the first player to get 20 kills declared the winner. Killing yourself takes away a point, of course. There will also be a Team Deathmatch mode where Mercy players can take away the enemy team’s points by resurrecting fallen teammates.

There is also a new map coming to the game, designed with these deathmatch modes in mind. Players will battle on the Château Guillard map, the home of Widowmaker. Other maps will be in rotation for these modes, each receiving small tweaks to make them more deathmatch-friendly.

These two new modes are currently in the public testing realm on PC and should hit consoles in the next few weeks.