No Man’s Sky update also brings stunning new exotic biomes

No Man’s Sky’s latest update, Atlas Rises, has to be one of the biggest comeback stories in recent gaming history. Not only does the update add 30 hours of new story content, multiplayer and countless QOL improvements (for free!) but players are now discovering strange new planet types.

Hello Games said in the patch notes of their update last week that it would contain an increased chance “rare exotic biomes” but holy cow, the ones players are finding now look amazing.

Some of these planets look strange from space, like a metallic ball but when you land on them they sport dense environments that look like nothing else in the game full of new floating machines, hovering crystals and much more.

You really should check some of these biomes out yourself. No Man’s Sky has already shot up the best sellers list on Steam, due to this update and a $23.99 sale price, so it appears this update is working as an effective way to relaunch the game.

No Man’s Sky isn’t just delivering what it originally promised last summer, its surpassing it now.