No Man’s Sky gets 30 hours of new story, 16-player co-op and more

Hello Games has done it folks. They have finally made No Man’s Sky the game fans expected it to be one year ago when it originally released.

The game’s latest update, version 1.3, launched today on PS4 and PC. The update changes many things about the game, adding new voice overs, missions and 30 hours of new story content.

The biggest addition? Multiplayer. The single biggest controversy when the game originally hit stores was that Hello Games implied pre-release that players would be able to play together in some form. With this update they are adding Joint Exploration, where up to 16 players can use proxy chat and explore together as “orb ghosts.”

There is so much more to this update than just multiplayer, story, etc. The quest system is revamped to encourage exploration, players can now fly low to the ground, the main quest of the game has been streamlined and unique portals are now available, each taking you to points of interests.

Additionally, you can call your ship from anywhere now. There are also changes to the game’s alien races and the game’s graphics. You can also sculpt the landscape with your multi-tool. Yes, you can now customize the terrain around your base to your liking.

This could be a great comeback story for an indie developer that buckled under the weight of fan expectations last summer. No Man’s Sky released as only a tenth of its original vision but now it seems that the game has been fleshed out in every way a fan could have asked for. This week Sean Murray said

I know I’m going to be giving my journey to the center of the universe another shot.