NBA Live 18 will be $20 cheaper if you pre-order

A demo for NBA Live 18 will be releasing on Xbox and PS4 tomorrow, August 11th. The game will ship days before NBA 2K18, on Friday September 15th.

Other than adding WNBA teams, Live 18 is doing something innovative with its pricing. Fans who pre-order the game before September 15th will get it for $39.99 instead of $59.99. After launch, consumers will have to pay the full $60.

If you have Amazon Prime or Best Buy’s GCU this effectively makes the game $32 for pre-orders.

James Harden will be featured on the game’s cover so, you know I’d be cowering in fear if I was a Rockets fan of the game cover star curse. The one that has ruined so many seasons for professional athletes.

All kidding aside, this is a bold move by EA. They know they’ve messed the franchise up and that Live is the butt of all jokes. They have a tough road ahead of them if they’re going to convert 2K buyers to Live but adding WNBA teams and this unique pricing scheme may help them convert 2K fanatics.