NBA 2K18 Switch will only be digital in September, retail release later this fall

Take Two has revealed that NBA 2K18 will not have a physical copy at retailers for the Nintendo Switch version at launch on September 19th. The game will be available digitally on the eShop but a physical version on a game card will not be sold in stores until sometime later in the fall.

This means it will likely hit stores sometime between September and mid-November, when the holidays start more than likely.

There is no reason given for this but many fans speculate it may be due to the game’s size. The Switch version is supposed to have feature parity with the Xbox One and PS4 versions which are quite large in size. The game will likely need a 32GB cartridge, the maximum the Switch has.

This likely takes more time to produce and presumably adds significant costs to production for Take Two. So if you were going to get NBA 2K18 on Switch, you’ll have to settle for digital in September or wait a few months.