Major No Man’s Sky update ‘Atlas Rises’ improves story this week

A huge update is coming to No Man’s Sky this week, right in time for the game’s one year anniversary. Since the game’s controversial launch last year, Hello Games has been silent on player’s frustration, going into hiding so they could release patches to add to the game.

This week’s patch, called Atlas Rises, will “focus on improving the central story of No Man’s Sky,” Sean Murray says. Portals will be added to the game, which already received new vehicles, base-building and expanded survival elements in past updates. It is also rumored that they will add another alien race to the game.

I really believe the game failed to deliver on the hype that the studio created and let fester from 2013 until launch. Hello Games never deserved the intense, life-threatening backlash some fans gave it.

As is, No Man’s Sky was a very flawed game in August 2016. In August 2017 though, it looks to be much closer to the final product fans wanted last summer. Hopefully the Atlas Rises update will deliver where the original game couldn’t.